Abstract Submission – FETUS2021

• How to perform the diagnosis of midline malformations of the fetal brain
• First trimester fetal brain
• Diagnostic work-up of borderline ventriculomegaly
• A novel method for predicting preterm birth: Fetal Nasal Doppler
• Pharmacological approach in the management of preterm delivery
• The optimal rate of Cesarean delivery: should this be a criterion for evaluation of obstetric service?
• Neurophysiological assessment in NICU. Who and when to assess and which method to choose
• Limits of viability: is it universal?
• Induction of labor
• Discordant anomaly in twins
• Developmental and fetal origins of differences in monozygotic twins: from genetics to environmental factors
• Late preterm vs early term neonates. Perinatal outcome
• Planned Home Birth: A Challenge to Perinatal Medicine
• How long should the second stage of labor last?
• How can we improve tragic situation with maternal mortality in developing countries
• Physicians as Targets: Professional Responseto Malpractice and Violence
• Mother friendly hospital initiative in Croatia: human rights issue?
• First trimester fetal heart
• Growth discrepancy in monozygotic twins: an update
• Humility: A Neglected Virtue in Perinatal Medicine
• Congenital infections: new guidance
• How ultrasound helps in reclarification of the philosophical, ethical, legal and scientific controversies on the beginning of human life
• Practical challenges in the sonographic evaluation of the umbilical cord

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New deadline for abstract submission: 09/04/2021

• “Asim Kurjak” award of  -1.000€- will be awarded for the best young scientist presentation (selected abstracts).
• The deadline for abstract submission is April 2, 2021

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1. Please submit your abstract through the online platform (you can either upload a pdf file or type as a text in the filed text box.) Abstracts submitted via fax or via regular mail will NOT be accepted.
2. Allocated time for oral presentations is 8 minutes plus 2 minutes for discussion.
3. The abstracts will be accepted under the condition that at least one of the authors has registered for the congress.
4. Correct receipt of the abstract will be confirmed via e-mail.
5. Μaximum abstracts per author: 2

The abstracts will be published as copy of the original text, so please follow the instructions below:
• Format: Microsoft Office Word
• Language: English
• Abstract text word limit: 200 words (names and affiliation details are not included)
• Suggested font: Tahoma, size 10 cpi
• Text alignment: Justified
• Abstract title typed in: UPPER CASE
• Authors: full name (last name first) followed by initials and affiliation should follow the title of the abstract. The presenting author’s name must be underlined.
The abstract should include the following:
• Introduction
• Objective
• Material and methods
• Results
• Conclusions

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